Personal Empowerment Coaching

What is Personal Empowerment Coaching?

Crystal Clear Connextions Personal Empowerment CoachingPersonal Empowerment Coaching, like Career Coaching gives you support and guidance to help you get unstuck, make difficult decisions and create change that last in your professional and personal life.


Personal empowerment coaching helps you:

  • Reinvent yourself and career
  • Realize your career goals
  • Reignite your  career passion


Crystal Clear Connextions Personal Empowerment CoachingPersonal Empowerment Coaching gives you tools to:

  • Be More Confident
  • Manage Conflict and Change
  • Express your worth



Personal Empowerment Coaching Areas:

Mastering Change and Transformation

Learn how to master the challenges of change through self exploration and tools to improve coping abilities.

Creating Work-Life Balance

Learn practical and holistic tips to create life and professional equilibrium to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Vision & Values

Regain a positive sense of personal and professional image through re-invention, self discovery and the creation of a value statement as a guiding principal for improving self confidence and self esteem.

Effective Workplace Communication

Increase awareness of personal communication styles, and maximize strengths for improved workplace communication including defining your communication style, using your style to influence, create boundaries and manage conflict.

Conflict Management The Key is “Me”

Improve your ability to manage conflict through intentional self management. This service covers recognizing relationship imbalances, intention and perception alignment, leveraging the power of choice, having the difficult conversation and handling your grievance in the moment with “hard to work with managers” and colleagues.

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